The Doors Of Delusion

This is the remake of The Door To Chthon in its 2010 incarnation as part of the RMQ mod (ROEM’s predecessor). Contains about 50 monsters, the grappling hook, a bunch of traps and puzzles and a bossfight against a WIP version of Chthon.

The level has randomized monster spawning so you should find enemies in different places each time you play it.


Comes as a zip file including the RMQ engine for Linux and Windows. libSDL and SDLmixer .dll files (.so for Linux) need to be manually installed if your system doesn’t have them already. Unzip the mod into your Quake folder and run it with:

rmqengine.exe -sndspeed 44100 -game rmqdemo2 +map e1m6rq

Contains the e1m6 remake and the RMQ mod from December 2010.

Tronyn’s review


Here’s the only caveat: Don’t tell me it “isn’t Quake”. ROEM’s goal is not to imitate Quake. It’s not my job to serve the purists in the Quake community. It’s like free beer: if you don’t like it, don’t drink it. That being said, it probably won’t kill you, unless your aim sucks.

Remake Quake source code (QuakeC) from September 2012.

License for the QC code: As is. You may use this as a base for other Quake mods. You may also print it out and hang it on your wall, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

For other RMQ downloads, such as the engine source, see here.


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