6 comments on “Dirt

  1. Looking good! Yeah, I like how AO make brushwork detail pop out, while also adding (hopefully) realistic shadows to make the world a little moodier.

    I was testing AO on e1m1.bsp while debugging it, with no other lighting (the -dirtdebug option), and I’d think “Hmm, this just looks like r_fullbright is on, I don’t really see any AO”, but the I’d turn the actual r_fullbright 1 on, and the world suddenly looks completely flat and fake 😉

    “r_lightmap 1” plus compiling with -dirtdebug is super handy to see what exactly the AO is doing, and for tweaking the dirtrange / dirtscale / dirtgain values.

    • re: your e1m1 testing: Some parts of that map are also pretty brightly lit, not so much chance for AO to become visible I guess. Many of the vanilla maps are chock full of light entities in crazy places.

      • Yeah – just adding a pass of AO on top of e1m1 doesn’t do much, it’s already got a pretty intricate lighting setup with a ton of shadows. The “-dirtdebug” option I was testing ignores all lights in the map, sets everything to 100% brightness and then adds the AO to that, so you can see what the AO is doing in isolation.

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