2 comments on “Jobs

    • I’m half wanting to use the RMQ engine for this since I find it a nice Quake engine and I love the coronas and stuff. I wouldn’t like to see MH and Spike’s work on it going to waste.

      Also, I have traditional reasons in mind – this stuff was made for BSP2 and for that engine, and the engine was made for it.

      There is also the issue that Q3’s vis isn’t as effective. The e1m2rq map’s vis blocking is completely broken by transferring it to q3bsp (e1m3rq can be fixed with things like donut corridors and hint brushes.)

      Also, there is the consideration of the generally-rumoured-dead Quake Standard Base. q3bsp would be extremely hard to accept for most of the community, while BSP2 has been taken up quite well.

      So there is a variety of issues that point towards BSP2 rather than q3bsp for this.

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